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Sonography/3D-4D USG

imgWe provide best ultrasonography facility with latest USG voluson E6 machine.
1. Early pregnancy scan to confirm pregnancy location and growth.
2. 11-13 week NT scan to see any Chromosomal disease like trisomy 13/18/21.
3. 18-20 week target scan to see any anomaly in fetus with echo.
4. 3D&Echo of fetus at 20-22 week.
5. 3rd trimester scan with Doppler study for fetal wellbeing
6. Gynec USG to find out gynec pathology like fibroid or ovarian cyst, endometrima, PID etc.

    We provide:

  • Fetal Echo
  • Congenital Scan/Anomaly Scan
  • Fetal Monitoring Facilities
  • NST Machine