In Motherhood Women’s & child care Hospital, we have advanced equipment, machineries, expertise Dr’s skills, and very dedicated team of Pediatricians, Neonatologists & Senior Nursing staff with M.O.

At Motherhood Women’s & child care Hospital, Pediatric department is under guidance of Dr. Raju .C. Shah & team, who is a leading pediatrician of India & having vast experience of Pediatric Department. We commit to provide best services under the guidance of experienced and

best pediatric surgeon in Ahmedabad


In Pediatric Department we treat children’s from birth till 18 years of Age. Being the best pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad, We have dedicated level 3 NICU. & level 2 PICU, with highly experienced Nursing staff. We provide all the routine as well as modern (Painless) vaccines to all the children’s & travelers visiting abroad.


We have different category of Rooms like Twin Sharing, Deluxe & Suite room facilities. All rooms are air- conditioned. All efforts are made to provide the type of room that you desire where we hospitalize Pediatric patients having problems with all kinds of infections like Lung infection, Stomach infection, Brain infection, Urine infection and other Bone & Muscle infections. We also treat other problems related to skin, Brain, other common problems like Dengue, Malaria, Chicken Guniya, Typhoid, Jaundice, etc….. By providing all medical facilities to treat issues related to children mentioned above, motherhood has also become the best child care hospital in Ahmedabad.

Our Hospital Provides Facilities like

Routine check up for kids / Baby wellness clinic :-

We treat all kind of diseases like In OPD, we take care for all minor pediatric ailments like throat infection, Stomach problems, Urine infections, Breathing problems, Skin & Eye infection and many more.

Dedicated NICU/PICU :-

Neonatal and Pediatric intensive care units are the integral part of our MOTHERHOOD HOSPITAL so that the mothers and newborn babies remain under the same roof. Intensive neonatal care becomes necessary in a high-risk pregnancy. Our experienced team of pediatricians, neonatologists, and staff provide 24 hours cover to deal with any kind of emergency. They have a high experience in managing sick babies, extremely premature and very low birth weight babies, and twin babies. Personal care for mothers and newborns makes Motherhood Hospital the

best nicu center in Ahmedabad



We Provide:-

Indoor admissions facility near NICU for nursing mothers.

Phototherapy and exchange transfusion for new born jaundice.

We provide total prenatal nutrition for premature and low birth weight babies and ventilator treatment.

We  have dedicated level 3 NICU & level 2 PICU. We have saved a child as well as with birth weight of 750 gm.

We have Facilities of :-

  1. Thermo Control Warmers
  2. LED Phototherapy
  3. Bubble CPAP
  4. High flow Nasal Cannula
  5. Ventilators ( Draggor)
  6. Multi Para Monitor
  7. Infusion Pump
  8. Central Oxygen line
  9. Portable X- Ray Machine
  10. Sonography machine
  11. Blood Exchange Transfusion
  12. Central Line Insertion
  13. New born Screening
  14. Pediatric 2D Echo Cardiography
  15. USA Brain

Vaccination Centre with Proper Guidance

We provide all guidance and detailed chart for vaccination of new born babies as well as routine kid’s vaccination.

Our expert pediatrics and Dr’s counsel the parents for why vaccination is needed and they provide all details.

We have the entire standard & WHO approved vaccinations are available.

Pediatric Surgery

We have dedicated (OT) for any kind of pediatric surgery like where we routinely perform surgeries like cleft palate & cleft lip surgery, kidney surgery & urinary surgery, Organ reconstruction, G.I Surgery, Congenital anomalies, birth mark removal , scar removal etc.

These surgeries are done by highly experienced pediatric surgeons, plastic surgeons, pediatric Uro- surgeons & with the team of pediatric anesthetics. We are working with a team of the leading pediatrician in Ahmedabad. Along with all these we have a dedicated Pediatric Intensive Care Team, where expert Doctors provide pre & post-operative care for the babies in the

best pediatric intensive care unit in Ahmedabad


  • Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Asthma clinic
  • Pathology Lab for kids.
  • Nutrition expert Consultant.
  • Parent Counseling.
Pediatric Surgery

Childhood Asthma Clinic

With childhood asthma, the lungs and airways become easily inflamed when exposed to certain triggers, such as airborne pollen. In other cases, childhood asthma flares up with a cold or other respiratory infection. Childhood asthma can cause bothersome daily symptoms that interfere with play, sports, school and sleep. In some children, unmanaged asthma can cause dangerous asthma attacks.

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