Baby wellness clinic/Vaccination center:-

Baby wellness clinic helps to check about baby’s growth and development and also helps to track the record of vaccination.

It is very important to consult a pediatrician in a baby wellness clinic because of the following reasons.

  • To monitor the growth & development of the baby periodically. It is very important to measure the growth of a baby during his/her birth to five years because they are more prone to get infections.
  • To ensure the child gets vaccinated on time and pediatrician can explain details about vaccination.
  • To understand the baby’s behavior pattern and know about abnormalities if present.
  • To conduct a child’s periodical head-to-toe physical examination be a pediatrician

We are available for your unparalleled support to understand your child’s sleeping pattern, eating pattern, behavior, and baby’s overall well-being.

If you seek any emergency advice or emergency support for any sickness you can contact us round the clock.

Day care department

We are also providing chemotherapy for cancer patients and burn therapy for burn patients.

Baby wellness clinic/Vaccination center
Baby wellness clinic/Vaccination center

FAQs About Vaccination

Vaccines reduce the risks of getting diseases by working with a baby’s natural immune system to build protection against disease.

Yes, vaccines are safe.

Yes. Many parents worried that vaccines may affect a baby’s immune system and it may overload a baby’s immune system but children get exposed to many germs during their playing time and other daily activities.