During the delicate phase of pregnancy, major life transitions occur in a women’s life in terms of identity, relationships, values, and beliefs. So, a pregnant woman requires physical, mental, and spiritual healing during the pregnancy months.

Motherhood Hospital understands the significance of ‘holistic care’ for the to-be mothers. So, we have come up with a 4-week holistic care program for complete healing of a pregnant woman. The program involves Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Nutrition guidance during and post pregnancy, information related to breastfeeding, Physiotherapy, and overall counselling. All these good practices help in maintaining the overall well-being of the to-be mother during the pregnancy months and prepares her completely to welcome her little bundle of joy into this world.

1) Yoga /meditation during pregnancy:-

1. Use full for stretching back muscles:-

1)Sit cross legged

2)Place left hand behind , fingers facing back.

3) place right hand on left knee.

4)Twist to left side ,looking over left shoulder.

5) Reverse direction.

6) Repeat five times each side.

meditation during pregnancy

2. Full body stretch relaxes & energizes at the same time:-

1) Sit cross legged

2)Raise arm to shoulder level.

3)take hands above head, arms touching ears.

4)Stretch to count of 5.

5)Slowly come back.

6)Repeat 5 times.

meditation during pregnancy

3. Practice helps in taking labor position during childbirth:-

1) Sit with feet together & knees open.

2) Pulse knees up & down 10 times.

3) Hold ankles & lean forward.

4) Use elbows to ease knees apart & hold.

5) Come back starting position.

meditation during pregnancy

4. Prepares for labor position & bearing down:-

always lower yourself gently & never bounce.

1) Hold on to something firm.

2) Keep feet hip distance apart.

3) Lower as much as possible.

4) Let knees go out over feet.

5) Hold for count of 10.

6)Tighten inner thighs & come up.

meditation during pregnancy

5. Excellent for relief of back pain:-

Place hands in area of discomfort.

1) Lie on back with knees bent.

2) Place hands under back with palm down.

3) Press hard with back on hands.

4) Count 1 to 5 & relax.

5) Repeat 5 times.

meditation during pregnancy

2) Music therapy:-

Music therapy

3) Physiotherapy Exercise:-

1) Standing position:-

Stand with back against a wall, if shoulder & buttocks touch wall, it is right posture.

1) Feet hip distance apart.

2)Weight evenly distrubuted.

3)Abdominals pulled up.

4) Buttocks ticked in.

5) Headstraight &erect

6)Back upright & pelvis centered.

Physiotherapy Exercise

2) Sitting Position:-

Wrong sitting posture can cause of back ache.

1)sit on a straight-backed chair.

2)Feet one foot apart.

3)Support back aginst back of chair.

4) Do not cross legs.

5) Use foot rest.

Physiotherapy Exercise

3) Sleeping Position:-

Avoid lying on back to prevent strain on back & abdomen.

1) Lie on any one side.

2) Head on a pillow.

3) Keep lower leg straight.

4) Place pillow close to the body to support abdomen.

5) Bend upper knee and place pillow.

Physiotherapy Exercise

4) Bending position:-

Avoid lifting heavy weight.

1)Do not bend from waist.

2) Stand facing object.

3) Keep back straight, bend knees & lower to squatting position.

4) Lift object & stand up.

Physiotherapy Exercise

4) Nutrition counseling:-

  • Special counseling session and consultation is available by Nutrition expert.
  • We are providing consultation for family planning, pregnancy, post pregnancy, obesity, perfect weight gain and growth of baby during pregnancy.
  • Consultation session for female Diabetes,  Hypertension, Thyroid, during pregnancy.
Nutrition counseling

5) Breast feeding counseling:-

  • Breast feeding is best feeding.
  • Baby loves it because: – 1) All the Nutrients in Right Proportion. 2)  Better Immunity. 3) Easily Digestible 4.important for optimum growth.
  • Mother Love it because: – 1) Help in Weight loss. 2) Help uterus return to normal size. 3)  Help bonding with baby
  • Mom’s diet during breast feeding time:-Mom’s diet to have lots of milk, pulses and sprouts, oats, whole grain, vegetables-fruits and dry fruits.
  • Posture during breast feeding
Breast feeding counseling