Breast cancer

We do examination and screening test to find out precancerous stage of Brest cancer/cervical cancer.
We have facility vaccination against cervical cancer.
We are routinely doing gynec onco surgery like ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other female reproductive organ cancer.

Cervical Cancer

CERVICAL CANCER is most common and undiagnosed condition till proper evaluation   for that we have specialized department. For diagnostic purpose like PAP SMEAR TEST and PS / PV local examination by gynecologist. As well as operative management by Gynec Onco team .preventive of cervical cancer we are giving cervarix vaccine.

Uterine Cancer

For UTERINE CANCER we have surgical management like werthem hysterectomy by gynec onco team and post surgical management.  Also we are doing like CHEMOTHERAPY by ONCOPHYSICIAN. All specialists are in our team.  Under one roof management.

Ovarian Cancer

OVARIAN CANCER and UTERINE CANCER like ENDOMETRIUM CANCER are also most challenging condition for early diagnosis and curettage purpose. Patient comes with post menopausal bleeding usually go for CT SCAN , TVS, and  local examination for PS / PV rule out uterine cancer and ovarian cancer we have facility like true cut biopsy .


All other Gynec and genitourinary system pathological condition exclusively managed with high result ratio and higher success in all condition medical as well as surgical.