Healthy Track: 56 What is Vaccination?

Watch Dr Twinkal Patel & Dr Sumit Patel, MBBS, DNB Pediatrics, IDPCCM (fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care) share information about vaccination, what is immunity & types of immunity? Are there different types of vaccines? Does vaccine require? Where to give vaccination? Can people receive multiple vaccinations during one visit to a doctor? What are the adverse reaction being immunized? What to do when having adverse reaction? Who should not receive vaccination? Available vaccine for pregnant women? What are the invalid reasons for post ponies vaccination?

Vital Precautions You Must Take After Delivery

Vital Precautions You Must Take After Delivery

The postpartum period needs you to take care of your baby and yourself pretty well. Your body has already undergone plenty of changes. This is a crucial phase in every woman’s life and starts right after the delivery. The postpartum phase can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Physically you may experience sore breasts, weight loss, blood clots and urinary problems. You may get emotionally fatigued due to anxiety, mood swings, baby blues, depression and sadness. All of this is enough to exhaust you, but if you follow certain precautions, you can easily recover and get back to normal life.

First-up, if you see any of the symptoms above you must visit the best women’s hospital in Ahmedabad and get the necessary advice and medication. Now, let’ stake a look at some precautions you must keep post delivery.

Proper rest

Mothers find it very difficult to sleep because children have their own clock. They usually wake up every three hours and that makes it difficult for mothers to sleep. Your body needs proper rest post delivery as the lack of sleep exhausts you very badly. You need to relieve yourself from other tasks except from feeding the baby. Change your sleep routine to get as much sleep as possible. Do not entertain everyone who comes to see the baby. Whenever you have a chance, take a good nap.

Introduce your baby to bottle

It is a good idea to introduce your baby to milk bottle after breastfeeding for 3 weeks. This will also help you take more time out to rest because someone else can also feed the baby.

Take proper nutrition

If you have gained weight post delivery, fret not! It will help your body to recover quickly. You must eat whenever you feel hungry. You can avoid the four time meals rule and eat every time you feel hungry. Children’s hospitals in Ahmedabad say that proper nutrition is extremely important for your body for recovery. Keep your diet balanced which must include dry fruits, fruits and other foods as recommended by the doctor.


Light exercises and walking will keep you active. You can go for strolls in your lawn and do light exercises for that feel good factor. Remember not to strain your body. Do it only as advised by your doctor.

Hire help

Babies require your attention for most of the time during the day. Things may become quite challenging if both you and your husband work. Since, your body cannot take much exertion and your baby needs you, you must take a break from work for a while and hire help for household chores.

Hope you found the post useful. As one of the best pediatric hospitals in Ahmedabad, we will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

Steps of IVF Process

Step-by-Step IVF Treatment Process Unleashed

Infertility words can feel like a hopeless word for people who dream about having a baby. Knowing what health issues a woman would face, she still tries to keep up the hope when she visits the gynecologist for fertility tests. When nothing still works out you can definitely keep the last option of IVF treatment. IVF tops the list when it comes to common fertility treatments. Ahmedabad has the best IVF centers with well-known gynecologists who aim to give you the happiness you are longing for. Let’s talk about what is the step-by-step procedure for IVF (In Vitro Fertility) process.

IVF is commonly used to treat women with endometriosis, women with damaged fallopian tubes, older women, and male infertility caused by low sperm count or blockage. Best gynecologist in Ahmedabad can make you understand the process of what is actually an IVF treatment. There are five simple steps in IVF process.

Increase your egg production through stimulation

Fertility drugs are given to women to begin the process of super ovulation. These drugs contain follicle-stimulating hormone which leads to producing more eggs than just normal count every month. The reason behind boosting the egg production is there are more chances of successful fertilization later on in the treatment. To monitor hormone levels and to check ovaries, ultrasounds and blood tests is required to be conducted.

Mature Eggs

Just a day before your eggs are to be retrieved from your body, an injection for hormone is given which will help your eggs mature quickly. There is a minor surgical process involved called follicular aspiration to remove the eggs. An ultrasound is needed while injecting a thin needle in each of your ovaries through the vagina, it sounds painful, but the doctors are careful about the process and they also give you a medication beforehand to avoid discomfort.

Collect sperm from your partner or a donor if needed

While a woman’s eggs are being removed after the second process, the sperm of your partner is collected. These sperms are put to high-speed wash to find out the healthiest ones.

Combine sperm with eggs

Now comes the main part of IVF process that almost everyone is familiar with, the uniting of best sperm with your best eggs. This is called insemination. It takes few hours for a sperm to fertilize an egg. The process of injecting the healthiest sperm is known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Transmission of the embryo into a woman’s uterus

After the fourth stage of IVF process, the final eggs are collected and another medication is given. This is to prepare the lining of the uterus to receive the embryos that should be transferred. Three to five days after the fertilization, a catheter is used to insert the embryos into the uterus. The IVF process replicates natural reproduction which is when later it can be determined whether this process has successfully worked or not by getting the pregnancy test.

Covid-19 and Children Health

Watch Dr Twinkal Patel & Dr Sumit Patel, MBBS, DNB Pediatrics, IDPCCM (fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care) share information about children health and COVID19. What are symptoms in children? How to differentiate it from cold & flu? What are test of COVID19? How to prevent it? what about other vaccination? and what are the precaution taking by the hospital?

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