Who Requires Embryo Biopsy PGT-A/ PGD?

  1. Patients with recurrent abortions and recurrent implant failures.
  2. Patients with specific genetic disorders/ inherited geneticdisorders.
  3. Advanced maternalage
  4. History of chromosomally abnormal child orpregnancy.
  5. Single genedisorder
  6. Unexplainedinfertility
Embryo Biopsy

What is Embryo Biopsy?

A couple of cells are retrieved from a developing embryo on day-3 or day -5 (BLASTOCYST) and individually the cells are diagnosed for genetic disorders in the genetic laboratory.

Only genetically normal embryos after the diagnosis are selected for embryo transfer. This way we rule out genetically abnormal embryos and subsequent complications in the Pregnancy.