Motherhood hospital has been operating since October 21, 2012 from a posh and green locality of science city road, Ahmedabad. The only Gynec and Pediatric with advance IVF (Test Tube Baby) Center hospital in sola Near science city, Ahmedabad.

The departments of IVF (Test Tube Baby) Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Pediatric ware fully functioning unit with adequate staff. We have three consulting rooms for doctors with examination cots for IVF, Gynec and Pediatric patient.

Our IVF team includes Dr. Rajesh Punjabi & Dr. Shital Punjabi (Gold Medalist), Practicing since 15 years, and trained at Cleveland Clinic USA.we have “State of ART” IVF (Test Tube Baby) with Embryology Lab, Andrology Lab, dedicated operation theater, facilities include- male and female infertility diagnosis, (Intra Uterine Insemination) IUI, IVF, ICSI, Donor Gametes and Embryos, Cryopreservation and Surrogate uterus.

We have 3D/4D Sonography Volusion series ultrasound. There is a well equipped labour room attached to the major and minor operation theater for any emergency surgery (e.g. Caesarean section). There are 15 beds in the OBG ward for antenatal and Gynec patients. A well equipped minor OT is attached to the out patient department where minor procedure like D&C, Biopsies, and IUI etc. are done.

Laproscopy, Colposcopy and hysterectomy are other facilities available here Major surgeries like Hysterctomy, Caesarean section etc are being done routinely. we are expert in tertiary care Laparoscopy (e.g. TLH in previous to LSCS, Chocolate cyst, Fibroid of Uterus, Myomectomy, TL, Ectopic Pregnancy). Pediatric Unit has facilities like NICU/PICU and Ventilator. Central oxygen line is provided to NICU/PICU and OT area we have 10 beds for NICU & PICU. We provide 24*7 Pathology Laboratory.

Motherhood Infrastructure


To be the first post of call for comprehensive health care for women and children in metros & ties 1 & 2 cities across the country. To be the health care for women and children.
At the motherhood center we believe tomorrow medicine requires on investment in innovation today. That’s why we are building three units IVF, GYNEC&PEDIATRIC single motherhood hospital.

Advance patient safety protocols efficient electronic records,& sophisticated technologies from robotics to imagine will make “motherhood” a model of modern healing .

Our motive is whatever best possible we can do for our patients we will do with our all team efforts. Our goal is to give an extraordinary treatment and care for our patients forever in the same manner.

In the future we will provide the best medical facilities with best medical equipments and best researches what we do ongoing for our patients.


– To provide comprehensive high quality state of the world in the entiregamut of gynecology, embryology infertility, laparoscopy from therapeutics.

– To provide high quality pediatrics services to child’s state of the art healthcare.

– To lead in excellent holistic and compassionate care for women and children.

Emphasizing come fast and community, they will engage entire families in the healing processes, in patient centric private rooms. Field with natural light and homely feeling atmosphere, mother hood hospital will set new benchmark for thirty first century health care of women and child care.

Enriching local & regional economics & improving the quality of life for women and children and innovation that arise from mission motherhood break through in the case of children, women especially in infertility will ultimately helpful to the world.

Motherhood hospital offers the most comprehensive, personalized women and child health care In Ahmedabad. Our beautifully designed motherhood women and child care hospital continues that tradition and provides in one location, along with the scale and dedicated staff ensures that every women and child will receive the most advance and personalized care available.

The Journey of Motherhood

Since 35 years, Dr B.T.Patel and since 2007 Dr. Anand Patel are serving for women’s well being in Idar, S. K, Gujarat. They were consulting more than 100 OPD’s everyday along with deliveries and operations. Among them 8 -10 patients were visiting with infertility problems. It was hard for the doctors to deny patients suffering from infertility problems as people were lacking awareness. As a result it was difficult to build up such an IVF centre in that particular geographic area. Dr. B.T.Patel and Dr. Anand Patel decided to work on this problem. It became their dream to overcome the issue.

With a hope of fulfilling the aim “MOTHERHOOD” came into existence when they met Dr. Shital Punjabi and Dr. Rajesh Punjabi with motivation of Dr. Twinkal Patel. We Wanted to serve mother & Baby Care under one roof so with joining of Dr. Raju C. Shah and Dr. Harish Chaudhary and their expert neonatal & Pediatric team the dream come to serve child care in “MOTHERHOOD HOSPITAL”. Motherhood is a place where we serve homely environment, all the latest facilities and a team of experienced infertility specialists & Pediatric team.

With all these, it has been now possible to treat all the kinds of infertility problems. This hospital is a blessing for a lady to conceive a natural God’s gift to reproduce an offspring. Hence we named it “MOTHERHOOD.”


  • The Motherhood Hospital has a state of art IVF facility with embryology lab & andrology lab.
  • We have well Experienced, Most efficient & highly qualified Team of Gynecologists, Endoscopic Surgeons & IVF Specialists in our team.
  • Motherhood Women and Childcare Hospital, has achieved 750 success cases in Test Tube Baby treatment for childless couples
  • There is well equipped Labor room, attached to the major & minor operation theatre.
  • We have advanced 3D/4D Sonography GE Voluson series ultrasound.
  • We have exclusive 3 D laparoscopy set up, fetal medicine & fetal echo department.
  • This unit has facilities like NICU/PICU with 12 beds & Ventilator.
  • We provide 24*7 Pathology Laboratory & Pharmacy facilities.
  • We provide Nutritionist expert, Yoga, Physiotherapist & Meditation experts also.
  • High success rate with Quality care
  • High success rate with Quality care
  • Very advanced sonoghraphy facilities such as Fetal Echo.
  • This unit has facilities like NICU/PICU with 12 beds & Ventilator.

Above all that, Now Motherhood hospital is NABH Certified for IVF, Gynec & Pediatric. It shows our dedication and commitment for the patients, to provide highest quality care on continuous mode..