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Does Smoking Affect Male and Female Fertility?

Infertility cases have been on an all-time rise in recent years, and the primary reason for this is the lifestyle of the youth today. More and more youngsters are habituated to smoking without comprehending its impact on health, including fertility. We don’t just refer to women when we say fertility; smoking harms male fertility too!

Despite recognizing the detrimental effects of smoking on general health, much is not known about its impact on fertility. According to the specialists at the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, non-smokers who maintain a healthy lifestyle have quick and easy pregnancies when compared to their smoking counterparts. This blog aims to increase awareness about the impact of smoking on both male and female fertility. So, folks read on!

Effect of Smoking on Male Fertility

Studies over the years have shown smoking to have an adverse effect on sperm and semen. While smoking may not single-handedly lead to infertility in men, it plays quite a significant role in accelerating it. In cases where men are already on the verge of infertility, smoking may be the last straw that topples them into the infertile garden.

Smoking has been linked to reduced sperm quality and sperm count in the semen. Also, smoking exposes the sperm to high levels of cadmium and lead metals that have been linked with reduced fertility. Studies have shown that high levels of cadmium in semen can also adversely affect sperm mobility, concentration, and shape.

Effect of Smoking on Female Fertility

The best gynaecologist in Ahmedabad highlights the detrimental effects of smoking on the female reproductive system. The risk of fertility problems increases with the number of cigarettes per day and can rise to a level where even treatments like IVF are ineffective in reversing the impact.

Smoking is also known to cause severe problems like blocked fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy in females. It can even hinder the developing ovaries leading to unhealthy implantation and even miscarriage. Additionally, smoking increases the risk of cervical cancer.

Along with an increased risk of infertility, female smokers also are at a greater risk of experiencing premature births and development issues with the baby. Furthermore, the smoking habits of a mother can trickle down to the kid having medical conditions like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and a high risk of SDIS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Final Words  

Motherhood IVF Hospital – a leading fertility center in Ahmedabad that specializes in fertility treatments for both men and women, advises that it is never too late to quit smoking. Every moment spent away from smoking positively impacts both your and baby’s health during and post-pregnancy.

It generally takes approximately three months for fertility to improve in both men and women after quitting, but the recovery rate can vary from person to person. Also, saying bye to cigarettes not only increases the chances of natural conception but also enhances the success rates of IVF treatment.

So, people, quit smoking now to embrace the parenthood you always desired.

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