Important of Fetal Medicines by Dr. Ripal Ghevariya(Fetal Specialist)

Information about fetal medicines. Why is it important to take fetal medicines during pregnancy? What precautions one has to take while taking such medicines? All of these questions have been asked by Dr. Twinkal Patel to Dr. Ripal Ghevariya, the Consulting Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fetal Specialist at Motherhood Women’s & Child Care Hospital, Ahmedabad.

IVF Treatment at a Glance

IVF Treatment at a Glance

IVF has gained immense popularity over the past few years. It has given hopes to infertile couples who have been longing for a child for many years.

In IVF, high doses of hormones are injected in a woman to help her produce multiple eggs. Later, eggs retrieved from the ovary are mixed with the man’s sperm for fertilization of eggs outside the body. As the eggs start developing into embryos, they are inserted back into the woman’s uterus for pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the benefits IVF treatment offers-

1. High success rates per cycle

IVF is known to work when all other infertility treatments fail. In majority of cases, patients go through a number of infertility treatments before trying out IVF. Observation and certain infertility diagnoses make doctors suggest you IVF so that you don’t waste your time and money on other treatments which are unlikely or less likely to work for you. Blocked fallobian tubes, advanced maternal age and severe male infertility factor are some of the infertility diagnoses which make the best IVF centers in Ahmedabad suggest you to go for an IVF.

2. Donated eggs or sperm can be used

There are instances when doctors recommend using donated eggs or sperm. Eggs can be manually fertilized in these cases and viable embryo can be utilized for IVF. Sperm donation centers in Ahmedabad suggest using donated sperm or eggs, as the chances of getting pregnant are higher in the first or second time.

3. Decreased chances of miscarriage

Miscarriage usually comes about due to a genetic abnormality which makes the body terminate the pregnancy. By using PGD (Preimplanation Genetic Diagnosis), determining genetic viability of an embryo way ahead of time is possible and hence mothers have better chances of having a safe pregnancy with a healthy child for full term.

4. High conception ratio

IVF coupled with PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening) has been observed to have the highest success rate among all reproductive options. It allows you to go for multiple cycles if required and it increases the chances of fertilization and that of a healthy, full term and safe pregnancy.

5. Full control over timing

IVF allows you to have full control over timing. It gives you the leeway of choosing when you want to get pregnant. Embryos and eggs can be cryopreserved and you can choose a window when you are comfortable getting pregnant.

If you are a couple looking to know more about the IVF treatment and how it will benefit you, you are more than welcome to pay us a visit. As the best IVF center in Ahmedabad, we have a proven track record of treating patients with infertility.

Find the Best Infertility Specialist

Find the Best Infertility Specialist at a Reliable Gynec Hospital Near you

Being parents is one of the most rewarding experiences. But for some couples, there are lots of reasons for choosing an infertility specialist in Ahmedabad. It could be either male or female factors or both that could lead to problems in conceiving. If the next step towards parenthood in your case is finding the best infertility clinic, the Motherhood Hospital is here to help you.

When to start looking for a gynec clinic?

If it’s been years that you are trying to conceive without any success, approaching a fertility clinic would be a good option. Motherhood Hospital is the best gynec hospital in Ahmedabad to have an advanced IVF center. When you have tried around a full year, and you are getting hints that there could be some unidentified problems in the path, you should seek the help and advice of one of our gynecologists. Our team of experienced and expert gynecologists includes Dr. Rajesh Punjabi and Dr. Shital Punjabi. He/she would run blood tests for checking your hormones. There are other parameters that are checked as well like the basal body temperature of the female partner. The husband also needs to be checked by an urologist and an infertility specialist for problems like low sperm count and hormonal disbalance.

How can we help you?

You could avail all kinds of tests and operation-related services at our high-end IVF with Embryology Lab, dedicated operation theatres, and Andrology Lab. You could opt for our female and male infertility diagnosis services and others like ICSI, Donor Gametes, Embroyos, IUI, Surrogate uterus, and Cryopreservation. The hospital is equipped with 3D/4D Sonography Volusion series ultrasound. In addition to that, there is a state-of-the-art labor room to cater to the needs of the patient in cases of emergencies. In addition to finding the best infertility specialist in Ahmedabad, you could also rely upon us for major surgeries like Hysterectomy, Caesarean section, and laparoscopy. We also have a specialized pediatric unit with facilities like NICU/PICU and ventilator.

What do you need more? Your entire search for the best gynec hospital in Ahmedabad ends here. Pay a visit to Motherhood Women’s & Child Care Hospital to enjoy blissful motherhood.

Tips for Faster Postpartum Recovery

Tips for Faster Postpartum Recovery

To prepare for the arrival for the baby, new moms are likely to take classes, get advice from friends and family and read books about child care. They are also equipped with ample advice from child care hospital in Ahmedabad. But in all the hustle and excitement to welcome the new one, women forget that they need to take care of themselves too. Here’s a list of tips for a faster postpartum recovery that will be helpful for new moms:

  • After the child birth, mothers tend to put their needs last which is not healthy for the new mom. It is advisable that moms get 1-2 helpers/family members to be there for them to help in taking care of the baby so that she receives the much needed sleep throughout the tiring initial period after child birth.
  • Getting comfortable with breastfeeding can take a little time for both the mother and the child. The key is to be patient and keep trying. Breastfeeding is best for both the mom and the child. If required, get help from your midwife or obstetrician at a good pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad.
  • Don’t hesitate in asking people to leave when it’s time for you to rest. A lot of new mothers are generally worn out with all the baby care and the visitors they have to attend to. Thus, it is important that mothers learn to turn people away. Also, it is suggested that mothers sleep when the baby is sleeping so that she too can get the much needed rest.
  • The importance of good nutrition cannot be overlooked. Eat a healthy snack when you feed the baby. Take help from familyto burp, comfort and change the baby diapers. Build a good support system and don’t hesitate to ask for help when it is needed. Spend some time in the sunshine and go for evening walks. You can also engage in a fun activity to keep your brain healthy. Also, employ what works for you the best.
  • If you had a C-section, make use of the hand-held mirror to take a look at your incision. This way you can have a baseline to gauge if something is different in case you experience any problems.
  • Parenting is hard work, so give yourself the break when you need to. Mastering breastfeeding requires time and so does incorporating the new addition in your family. Hormonal changes and sleep deprivation can make you feel overwhelmed at times, so take things slowly and do not forget to take care of yourself while you are hustling with the baby.

We at “Motherhood” strive to lend the best mom and child care hospital in Ahmedabad to ensure that the child and mom receive the best attention when it comes to childbirth. We are known as a pioneering pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad offering professional care with compassion.

Lifestyle Choices that can lead to Infertility

Lifestyle Choices that can lead to Infertility

There has been a 20% to 30% rise in infertility in the country in the last five years as estimated by some of the best IVF center in Ahmedabad. While a majority of people know their overall health has an effect on their fertility, many are not aware that a few lifestyle choices also play a role in that.

Therefore, if you have just started trying for a baby or are having trouble conceiving, you should be aware of the role your lifestyle can play in fertility. Diet, nutrition, weight, and habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can have a direct impact on your fertility. These choices affect both men and women.

Below are some of the lifestyle choices that can affect your fertility


Having a glass or two of wine might not have a large effect on your fertility, but it is always better to restrict your alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking can lead to increased risk of ovulation disorders in women and depleted sperm quantity and quality in men.


As we all already know, smoking is harmful to overall health, but many people are not fully aware of its effects on fertility. Smoking adversely affects both egg and sperm quality. According to gynecologist in Ahmedabad, it also lowers the sperm count, pregnancy rate and increases sperm DNA fragmentation, which can cause miscarriage.


Being either underweight or overweight can reduce the fertility of both men and women. Men with a high body mass index (BMI) can have a lower sperm count and decreased sperm quality. Women with a high BMI are at a higher risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and cesarean delivery.


What you eat and don’t eat can play a vital role in fertility. Women trying to conceive should avoid a high protein diet as excessive protein has been known to decrease fertility. Deficiency of Vitamin D can also reduce fertility.


Some research suggests that high caffeine intake can reduce fertility, especially in women. A cup of coffee or two a day won’t be very harmful, but it is better to avoid excessive caffeine consumption.


Staying fit by regularly exercising is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to fertility, it can be too much of a good thing. Very vigorous and frequent physical activity can cause lower sperm count and reduced ovulation.

There are many lifestyle changes that couples can make to improve their chances of conceiving a child. Ideally, such modifications should be made when first trying to conceive, but it is never too late to make healthier choices.

food during pregnancy

Essential Foods that are Advised to Eat During Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we all know that a balanced diet along with regular exercising can help us in staying fit and sustain a healthy weight. According to the best gynecologist hospital in Ahmedabad, nutrients are much more important for pregnant women to provide adequate nourishment to them and their child. A daily intake of the nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and minerals can help in adequately nourishing your body.

So as recommended by expert gynecologists at Motherhood, the best women’s hospitals in Ahmedabad, here are some foods that should be a vital part of your meal if you are pregnant:

Red fruits and vegetables

Red vegetables and fruits consist of certain photochemicals that efficiently restrain the growth of gynecological tumor cells while decreasing their responsiveness to estrogen. To reap the benefits of this wonderful nutrient, you should include red apples, red peppers, grapes, onions, and other red fruits in your diet.

Whole Grains

Having high levels of estrogen can increase the chances of developing breast diseases which are caused by the accelerated growth of cells in the mammary glands. Consuming whole grains can reduce this risk, by aiding in regulating the estrogen levels in the blood. Grains are also a great source of iodine which stimulates the hormones such as thyroid which is secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes a healthy fallopian tube and release of eggs.


Calcium-rich foods including milk and yogurt help in preventing ovarian diseases and hinder the growth of cancer cells.

Folic acid

Food products rich in folic acids like animal liver, spinach, cabbage, leeks, eggs, fish, and cereal can help in preventing and reducing the risk of developing cervical cancer.


Soy products are very useful in regulating the secretion of the endocrine glands which produces hormones that regulate the functioning of the reproductive system as well as control the body’s metabolism and growth. Milk, tofu, soya seeds, soy sauce, and other such soy-rich foods can help in regulating the estrogen levels in the body and help in maintaining a healthy reproductive system.


Anemia is a disease that affects a majority of women in the world leading to problems in the functioning of the ovaries. Including red meat, seafood, and beans along with green leafy vegetables in your everyday meal is essential to supplement natural iron intake of the body. Moreover, avoiding strong coffee or tea during the menstrual periods helps sustain the smooth absorption of iron in the body.

Healthy Track 09: Information about Cancer and It’s Treatment from Dr Prerna Shah

Worried about Cancer, it’s Symptoms, it’s types, it’s root causes and finally treatment solutions. All Information about all of these mentioned points about Cancer and Spread the awareness among your surrounding. Dr Prerna Shah, Gynecologist at Motherhood women’s & child care hospital joined the discussion on eve of World Cancer Day…

For More Detail:

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Healthy Track (#episode003): Hello friends, every week we always try to bring some useful information to make you health conscious and share amongst your family and friends. In this edition of #HealthyTrack, Dr Sagar Patel has shared information about to take care of a newly born baby.

#Topic: “Essential Care for New Born Baby” with Dr Sagar Patel, Pediatrician, Motherhood women’s & child care hospital.

If you have any queries, please make it in a comment box, we will be happy to answer all your posted queries.

HealthyTrack Episode 1 – Common Cold in Winter with Sr Twinkle Patel and Dr Sagar Patel

We take utmost pleasure in announcing that Motherhood Hospital has come up with a video series called ‘Healthy Track’. Featuring our Managing Director Dr Twinkle Patel this health talk series will invite a guest doctor in each episode to spread awareness regarding the common and seasonal health issues and will provide remedies for the same. Stay tuned for some amazingly healthy feed.

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High Cholesterol and Infertility, Gynaecologist in Ahmedabad can Guide You

As per the latest study, cholesterol is associated with infertility. Couples with high cholesterol experience low sex drive, hormonal imbalances and are also prone to the risk of a stroke or heart attack. That doesn’t mean you should remove cholesterol from the body.Cholesterol in the correct amount is significantly important for the proper functioning of organs. It contributes to the building of cell membranes, protects nerve fibres and secrets hormones essential for fertility.

A human body uses cholesterol to produce sex hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and sperm which are essential for reproduction. When there is a drastic increase or decrease in cholesterol levels, it affects the basic function that requires cholesterol. This severe change in cholesterol can lead to infertility and failure of IVF treatment.

Several studies were conducted at the IVF centresto study the relationship between pregnancy and high cholesterol. As per the gynaecologists, couples who were suffering from high levels of cholesterol were taking more time to conceive as compared to the couples with normal cholesterol levels. Therefore, it’s important to normalize the body’s cholesterol before trying for IVF treatment to conceive.

A recommendation that helps to regulate cholesterol levels:

To retain the normal cholesterol levels, various things can be done. It is very important to get cholesterol test regularly to undergo through the IVF treatment. Few measures that can help keep cholesterol normal:

  • Exercise regularly: Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day of the week. It circulates the blood and also keeps physically active. It is important to maintain ideal weight.
  • Eat healthy foods: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Decrease consumption of saturated fats and eliminate Trans fats which include cakes, cookies, etc. Intake soluble fibre like sprouts, apples, etc. as they are easy to digest.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking can lead to inappropriate cholesterol levels. There is a high risk of heart attack. Do not smoke for regular blood circulation and proper lung functioning.

With the increase in infertility rate due to high cholesterol, IVF treatment has become the preference fora couple from all over the world. Motherhood hospital is one of the best IVF center in Ahmedabad. It has a successful track record of IVF treatment in a short interval of time. The treatment and services are provided by experienced& specialised gynaecologists.

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