Find the Best Infertility Specialist

Find the Best Infertility Specialist at a Reliable Gynec Hospital Near you

Being parents is one of the most rewarding experiences. But for some couples, there are lots of reasons for choosing an infertility specialist in Ahmedabad. It could be either male or female factors or both that could lead to problems in conceiving. If the next step towards parenthood in your case is finding the best infertility clinic, the Motherhood Hospital is here to help you.

When to start looking for a gynec clinic?

If it’s been years that you are trying to conceive without any success, approaching a fertility clinic would be a good option. Motherhood Hospital is the best gynec hospital in Ahmedabad to have an advanced IVF center. When you have tried around a full year, and you are getting hints that there could be some unidentified problems in the path, you should seek the help and advice of one of our gynecologists. Our team of experienced and expert gynecologists includes Dr. Rajesh Punjabi and Dr. Shital Punjabi. He/she would run blood tests for checking your hormones. There are other parameters that are checked as well like the basal body temperature of the female partner. The husband also needs to be checked by an urologist and an infertility specialist for problems like low sperm count and hormonal disbalance.

How can we help you?

You could avail all kinds of tests and operation-related services at our high-end IVF with Embryology Lab, dedicated operation theatres, and Andrology Lab. You could opt for our female and male infertility diagnosis services and others like ICSI, Donor Gametes, Embroyos, IUI, Surrogate uterus, and Cryopreservation. The hospital is equipped with 3D/4D Sonography Volusion series ultrasound. In addition to that, there is a state-of-the-art labor room to cater to the needs of the patient in cases of emergencies. In addition to finding the best infertility specialist in Ahmedabad, you could also rely upon us for major surgeries like Hysterectomy, Caesarean section, and laparoscopy. We also have a specialized pediatric unit with facilities like NICU/PICU and ventilator.

What do you need more? Your entire search for the best gynec hospital in Ahmedabad ends here. Pay a visit to Motherhood Women’s & Child Care Hospital to enjoy blissful motherhood.

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