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Essential Foods that are Advised to Eat During Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we all know that a balanced diet along with regular exercising can help us in staying fit and sustain a healthy weight. According to the best gynecologist hospital in Ahmedabad, nutrients are much more important for pregnant women to provide adequate nourishment to them and their child. A daily intake of the nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and minerals can help in adequately nourishing your body.

So as recommended by expert gynecologists at Motherhood, the best women’s hospitals in Ahmedabad, here are some foods that should be a vital part of your meal if you are pregnant:

Red fruits and vegetables

Red vegetables and fruits consist of certain photochemicals that efficiently restrain the growth of gynecological tumor cells while decreasing their responsiveness to estrogen. To reap the benefits of this wonderful nutrient, you should include red apples, red peppers, grapes, onions, and other red fruits in your diet.

Whole Grains

Having high levels of estrogen can increase the chances of developing breast diseases which are caused by the accelerated growth of cells in the mammary glands. Consuming whole grains can reduce this risk, by aiding in regulating the estrogen levels in the blood. Grains are also a great source of iodine which stimulates the hormones such as thyroid which is secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes a healthy fallopian tube and release of eggs.


Calcium-rich foods including milk and yogurt help in preventing ovarian diseases and hinder the growth of cancer cells.

Folic acid

Food products rich in folic acids like animal liver, spinach, cabbage, leeks, eggs, fish, and cereal can help in preventing and reducing the risk of developing cervical cancer.


Soy products are very useful in regulating the secretion of the endocrine glands which produces hormones that regulate the functioning of the reproductive system as well as control the body’s metabolism and growth. Milk, tofu, soya seeds, soy sauce, and other such soy-rich foods can help in regulating the estrogen levels in the body and help in maintaining a healthy reproductive system.


Anemia is a disease that affects a majority of women in the world leading to problems in the functioning of the ovaries. Including red meat, seafood, and beans along with green leafy vegetables in your everyday meal is essential to supplement natural iron intake of the body. Moreover, avoiding strong coffee or tea during the menstrual periods helps sustain the smooth absorption of iron in the body.

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