Care For Pregnant Ladies During COVID-19

FAQs on Care for Pregnant Women and the Child During COVID-19

By Dr Prerna Shah,

M.D Gynecologist, IVF Specialist

Consultant at Motherhood Hospital

1. What is Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Ans: – Covid 19 is novel corona virus and spreading mainly respiratory system.

2. How does it spread? How does it transmit?


3. How can I prevent my family and me from getting the corona infection?


4. What are the symptoms of COVID-19 or Corona-flu?


5. When do the symptoms of COVID-19 start?

Ans: – Within 2-7 days of the exposure infection infected to patient some time it will take 11 days also.


A) Who are commonly affected by COVID-19 infection?

Ans: – All age are at same of risk.

B) Is a pregnant woman more susceptible to corona infection?

Ans: – Pregnant lady also carries similar risk of infection compare to non-pregnant lady.


A) Is the chance of miscarriage or premature labor higher if getting infected?

Ans: – Any virus infection carries risk of miscarriage and labour but practically, less cases has been reported with the same.

B) What are infection transmission risk to fetus and the new born if mother gets infected?

Ans: – Vertically transmission mother to fetal is not seen few data has come of within virus on placenta and membranes.

8. Can we celebrate social cultural program like 7th month ritual?

Ans: – This pandemic everyone should avoid gathering so physical gathering not advisable it increase chances spreading infection.

Ritual can be performing virtual basic with innovative idea.

9. Can we travel? How can we travel? Any precautions during the travel?


Travelling by public transportation increase risk of exposure.

Travelling with private vehicle is advised.


A) What are the changes in the antenatal care visits during the pandemic COVID-19 situation?

Ans: – In this case we divide pregnancy in high risk and low risk category on basis of obstetric history.

In Low-Risk patient we can reduce antenatal visit from routine and we should encourage telephonic or video consultation.

In High-Risk category patient need to follow visit advice by gynecologist.

B) What about vaccines? Does the flu vaccine works?

Ans: – Still clinical trial has been not conducted for pregnant lady but we will come to know in near future regarding safety of vaccine during pregnancy.

C) Are there any immunity boosters?

Ans: – Good food, good rest and good liquid intake can act immunity booster.


A) Can I have breastfeed my baby if I have or suspected for COVID-19?

Ans: – With proper safety measure like wearing mask frequently hand wash only handling baby while giving feed.

Breast milk has more advantages compare to covid risk.

So according to benefit risk ration one should encourage breastfeeding.

B) Does my new baby required COVID-19 test? When?

Ans: – Usually new born undergoes covid test after birth from a covid positive mother.

12. What precaution should take after delivery?

Ans: – You should avoid visitor at home, avoid going out and try to communicate with relative over phone only.

13. How do I be less anxious and stressful in the times of COVID-19 pandemic?

Ans: – Do some recreate activities like reading book, listening music, painting gardening or anything keep your mood elevating.

Regularly practice yoga and meditation take pregnancy medicine regularly and avoid social media and news channels.

14. Can I plan pregnancy or start fertility treatments?

Ans: – There is no certainty regarding pandemic will get over or will get control, so definitely one can plan pregnancy.

Regarding fertility treatment it is individual choice because it increases visit to hospital.

15. Can we take MTP pills on phone as for unwanted pregnancy?

Ans: – Without confirmation of pregnancy location and size by ultra sound one cannot take MTP Pills over phone.


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