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4 Important Things to do Before and After Undergoing a Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy surgery is an invasive diagnostic procedure used in treating several conditions and diseases. It is usually done in cases where conventional tests and surgeries fail to identify any clear reasons for a particular condition. It is not a high-risk surgery and is usually performed to examine pelvic organs like the gallbladder, pancreas, liver, etc.

In this blog, we will take you through four important things you should do before and after undergoing a laparoscopic surgery. Let’s get to it without further ado.

4 Things to do Before the Laparoscopic Surgery 

You need to take care of a few things before undergoing surgery. Although you choose to undergo surgery in the best women’s hospital in Ahmedabad, like Motherhood, there are a few things to note. We have mentioned four such things you should do below. 

Clear your Doubts 

Needless to say, as a patient, you must be flooded with doubts and worries surrounding the surgery. Discussing your apprehensions is the only way to get over any anxiety. For instance, you may be fearful of the pain the invasion might cause. Talk to the surgeon about it and discuss whatever concerns you may have regarding the subject. Moreover, some doctors may also suggest a few relaxation techniques to calm your anxiety.

Know about the Surgery 

If you are aware of the process, you will be less anxious during the surgery.  So go through the steps involved in the procedure to ease your anxiety.

Bowel Prep 

Preparing the bowel is crucial before the surgery. It is a prerequisite. Doctors usually ask patients to have a liquid diet for bowel evacuation. If the doctors give some special instructions except for diet changes, pay attention and follow them. Also, although laparoscopy is a low-risk surgery, patients must be careful and consult their doctor in case of any infection around the invasion.

Follow the Instructions 

Lastly, keep in touch with your doctor. Your doctor may have provided you with some do’s and don’ts before the surgery. Make sure you follow these instructions so that the surgery goes smoothly.

4 Things to do After the Laparoscopic Surgery 

Even after you undergo laparoscopic surgery from the best gynaecologist in Ahmedabad, there are certain things that you should do after the surgery. We have mentioned four such things below. 

Rest for a Few Weeks

After the surgery, it may be difficult for you to continue doing your routine tasks with the same ease as you used to before. So it is essential to take a rest for a few weeks. Consider taking domestic help if needed. Someone who can take care of things including groceries, food, etc. This is necessary until you recover fully and are able to function with ease.

Take Care of your Health

While resting is important, you can take brisk walks during the day to not feel gloomy. Taking care of your health includes your physical and mental health both. So eat good, journal your thoughts and take good care of your body.

Do not Overthink 

After you have undergone the surgery, your days could be physically and emotionally challenging. Just like you get jitters before the surgery, there can be many tickling sensations post-surgery. You may experience some tickles around the inversion area which can make you wallow into a self-pity mode and fuel your anxiety further.

Do your Favorite Things

The best way to deal with these thoughts is to do the things you love the most. Watch your favorite TV show or read your favorite book to get your mind off of the surgery. The relaxation techniques suggested by your doctor could also be a huge help in relieving some of the anxiety.

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, you now know how you should take care before and after the surgery. If you want to know more about the surgery, contact us. We have the best Gynec Laparoscopic Surgeon in Ahmedabad, who will not only suggest some best surgeries that are right for you but will also take you through each step of the surgery. Remember to not delay consulting your doctor if you find anything unusual with your body post or pre-surgery.

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