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4 Things to Consider when Choosing a NICU Center

Having a baby can be highly overwhelming since it impacts all the choices and decisions you make henceforth as parents. Sometimes parents may have to face some distress when their baby is born prematurely or meets with any complications. Since significant differences exist in the quality of care hospitals provide, you need to choose the one that aligns with your budget and other requirements.

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In this blog, we will walk through four things when choosing a NICU center. So, let’s get to it.

Check the Outcome/Volume of the Hospital

How many babies does the hospital treat on an annual basis? What is the success ratio? As per a study, hospitals that treat newborn babies at higher volumes tend to have better outcomes. So try to get some insights on these parameters. You can even ask your friends or relatives if they have any references for hospitals as it will be more reliable.

See If the Hospital has a Team of Expert Caregivers

Having a baby is indeed a big deal. It would be best if you choose a NICU center with a team of expert caregivers who not only know how to deal with the challenges of premature deliveries but also instruct you on things to take care of for the Mother and the child. Premature babies may need supplements other than breastfeeding. So ensure you choose a well-equipped center with medical facilities and reliable staff.

Verify If the Center has Respiratory Care

A premature baby needs holistic care. Before choosing a hospital, check if the unit has the highest level of respiratory support. Premature infants may need advanced respiratory help, so it is essential to research a facility’s capabilities and limitations. You can contact the best pediatric intensive care unit in Ahmedabad like Motherhood hospital and get the best treatment. They have the required medical equipment and a team of experts to provide you with the care the child needs.

Environmental Controls

See if the hospital is located in a peaceful place. Quality hospitals ensure minimal activity is carried out in the location, including less traffic noise, soft lights at the bedside for the babies to feel warm, etc. You can ask the hospital if they can or have made any efforts to minimize glare and sound effects on NICU babies.


Hopefully, the blog helped you understand what you should look for when considering a NICU center. If you still have doubts or concerns about it, reach out to the best NICU center in Ahmedabad

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